Since 1941, the Kankaria Group has been leading the way for a greener, healthier and safer environment by promoting the use of jute as a natural and biodegradable substitute to a variety of man-made materials and everyday products.

Through 4 Jute Mills, 1 Cotton Textile Mill, an ethically certified 18,500 strong workforce and a fully integrated ISO 9001:2000 production plant, we are proud to be pioneers in the manufacturing and conversion of one of our planets most ecologically safe materials.

Our facilities manufacture over 450 metric tonnes of natural jute per day and convert the raw 100% biodegradable material into a variety of natural industrial fabrics, netting and matting for use in soil erosion prevention, landscaping techniques, ecological and environmentally friendly road and building construction and greener automotive production, along with general use products such as shopping and grocery bags, gift bags, backpacks, bottle carriers, stationary, food grade bags, carpets, rugs, garden twines and wall coverings.

Today, the promotion of using eco-friendly products in all aspects of business, from retail to hospitality and construction is becoming an important part of any businesses’ ethos and strategy. There is increasing pressure to ensure every industry utilises sustainable, reusable and natural materials.

We are committed to environmental leadership in all of our business activities, from operations to the design of our products.

Grocery shops and major brands are now selling reusable Jute Bag instead of free plastic bags for everyday sales.

The Jute Shop – a Kankaria Group division – has been created to specifically work on vertically integrated efforts for the development of raw jute to the manufacturing of quality yarns in various blends and compositions, which are converted to fabrics and then to bags. Having in-house finishing facilities for spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, stitching allows for total quality control through all stages of production under one roof.

Quality control processes and the manufacturing environment across the Kankaria Group comply fully with International standards for Good Manufacturing Practices and production facilities ensure that Ballyfabs products meet the satisfaction level of even the most discerning customer.

We stand by our “The Jute Shop” trademark and guarantee all our products bearing this mark live up to the Kankaria Groups’ standards of quality assurance.

We are proud to be working globally with government and non-government organizations, Not for Profit organizations, city municipalities, a host of Fortune 500 and numerous listed companies in campaigning to bring environmentally friendly, reusable and natural substitutes into our everyday lives for the benefit of our planet and our future.

Our driving vision is to make jute an integral part of one’s wardrobe and living. Fore more information, please contact us.