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Welcome to The Jute Shop – Fine Purveyors of Reusable Bags, Calico Bags & Canvas Tote Bags

Jute Bags Australia: The Jute Shop

We are named after our most popular material: jute. It’s main benefit is that jute can be blended with cotton to create a more sophisticated material as well as being recyclable, it gives an attractive natural appearance to our eco friendly shopping bags. Our wholesale jute bags are available in laminated or non-laminated versions, and jute can be blended in to canvas tote bags to create a sturdier material. We manufacture wholesale reusable bags in both fabrics in an array of customisable shapes and styles sure to suit your taste and budget.

Reusable bags are certainly one of the top trends of the 21st century. Supermarkets, hotels, non-profits, and co-ops are all getting in on the reusable bag phenomenon. Shops everywhere are offering our wholesale reusable shopping bags to their customers in order to do the earth (and their profit margins) a favour.

We took on Tesco's as a customer a few years ago, and our laminated jute bags were a smashing success. Customers purchased our custom designed bags in a variety of attractive styles, saving more than 2 billion plastic bags over the course of 2 years. Tesco's earned publicity as a reputable, eco-conscious brand while increasing profits and doing the right thing. While eco friendly shopping bags are our most popular option, we also offer messenger bags, beach bags, canvas pouches, cosmetic bags, and other accessories. The newest addition to our line is our grow bag, which allows you to grow all kinds of vegetables, even carrots and potatoes, right on your patio or roof!

Browse our customisable line of styles to find the reusable bag right for your company or project. We are happy to work with you to create the perfect bag for you, no matter what you envision, in any quantity. Email us today for a price quotation to get the process rolling.

Products supplied by The Jute Shop have been manufactured to the following standards or practises: ClimateCare, ECOCERT, SA 8000 Certified, ISO 9001 Certified, Sedex, Fairtrade, Green America.

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